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Our Story

Better Snacks
For Everyone

If you read the newsfeeds and listen to our politicians, you’d think we can’t agree on anything here in America these days. We at Creative Snacks Co. are living proof that’s simply not true. Our company consists of people from around the world, representing a multitude of nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. Our diversity and shared purpose make us creative, resilient, and resourceful. We believe in the American dream and share a common goal of producing the best tasting natural and organic snacks available.

We successfully compete with large corporations with deep pockets by doing something that they cannot do. Our award-winning Coconut Snacks and Almond Clusters are made by hand in our bakery with clean ingredients, much care, and plenty of love. Please give our award-winning snacks a try and help us change America’s snacking habits! And if you feel up to it, please share our story with your friends and family, too. It’s amazing what we can do together!

Marius Andersen

We Are Creative Snacks

Founded in 2009, we made a commitment to creating 'better snacks for everyone'. We are able to do this because of our employees - People with a rich mixture of personalities and of cultural, racial and political backgrounds.

Lina (Production Line Leader)

Lina moved to the United States from Iraq in 2014. A committed, dedicated employee whose hard work has paid off. She encourages and empowers employees as if they were family.

SaDe (Production Supervisor)

SaDe has helped ensure a safe and efficient operation since she began at Creative Snacks in 2014. She is passionate about what she does and enjoys the camaraderie among the employees.

Jeff (Product Design)

A seasoned Creative Snacks employee, Jeff began working with Creative Snacks in 2012. He has been a pioneer in our packaging designs and in the creation of new items.

Kelly (Customer Care)

Kelly first began working with Creative Snacks in 2011. She knows our products and processes and understands what we stand for as a company. She helps manage our customer relationships and makes sure we have an open line of communication.

Bhakta (Production Management)

Originally from Bhutan, Bhakta and his family fled to a refugee camp in Nepal when he was eight years old. He spent the next twenty years in Nepal before coming to America. He began working at Creative Snacks in 2012. His commitment to his job has earned him a number of promotions throughout the years.

Katy (Food Safety)

A graduate of UNCW, Katy has been an asset to the management of the SQF Level 2 Certification. She ensures compliance with all SQF rules and regulations. She also makes sure that we comply with all food safety regulations.

Samer (Shipping Lead)

Originally from Iraq, Samer sold computers before spending a year abroad in Sweden. He was unable to gain permanent residence there, so returned to Iraq and applied to come to America. After four years of waiting, he and his wife were granted the opportunity and moved to the United States in 2014.

Sly (Bakery Management)

Sly began working for Creative Snacks during the 2017 holiday season. He is committed to the work that he does and getting to know his fellow employees.

Josh (Quality Assurance)

A graduate of NC State, Josh's Food Safety expertise has been extremely helpful since he started at Creative Snacks in April 2017. His commitment to quality and detail helped attain an SQF Level 2 Certification.

Bhupendra (Shipping)

Originally from Kathmandu Nepal, Bhupendra came to America, with his wife, in 2016. He began working at Creative Snacks shortly thereafter. He currently has his BBA and hopes to further his education this year.

Dan (Bakery Line Leader)

Originally from Zhuji Zhejiang, China, Dan and her family moved here in 2015. She met her husband while he was teaching English at a school abroad in China. After their daughter turned three, they collectively decided to spend some time in the United States to expose her to another culture.

Nway (Production Line Leader)

Nway spent most of his childhood in Eritrea. He moved to Malta after high school and spent seven years there before moving to the United States in 2014. He began working at Creative Snacks in 2015. His hard work paid off as he was promoted to Line Leader shortly thereafter.

Octavius (Oven Operator)

Octavius began working at Creative Snacks in 2016. He is a key component of the quality control team. Outside work, he is a family man who loves basketball and football.

Mark (Procurement)

One of Creative Snacks' most seasoned employees, Mark began working with the company in 2010. He handles a wide array of areas, including analyses, logistics and sourcing of goods. He manages our contracts and makes sure that we have what we need to create 'better snacks for everyone'.

Veronica (Mixing)

Thirty years ago, Veronica moved to the United States from Chiapas, Mexico. After spending 18 years in Alabama, she moved to High Point and has been working at Creative Snacks since the beginning of 2017. She is an avid soccer fan and enjoys playing, when she can find time, on the weekends.