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Help Your Kids Eat Healthy

Five tips that will encourage good
eating habits

We all want our children to eat well, but none of us wants to replay that ancient power struggle that leaves a kid sitting at the dinner table until he or she eats a now-cold serving of broccoli. It really doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some quick tips that can help kids actually want to eat well:

1. Be Positive

Telling kids not to eat this and not to eat that never answers the really important question. What should I eat? Use positive language and enthusiasm (“Try this! I love it!”) to point kids down the path to healthy eating.

2. Be A Role Model

If you eat it, your kids will think it’s okay. They look up to you, so show them what good food choices look like.

3. Be Supportive

Every little step towards eating healthy is a big victory. Don’t expect your son or daughter to be able to switch 100% right away; be supportive as you make gradual changes.

4. Be Rewarding

Your kids shouldn’t have to give up the junk food they probably love without getting something in return. Buy a new book together, take a fun day trip, or do a favorite activity to reward good food choices.

5. Be Active

It’s been shown that sedentary lifestyles impact children’s eating habits. Yes, kids who sit in front of the TV or computer all day snack a lot. Get moving as a family to combat this unhealthy lifestyle. Kick a soccer ball around the backyard, take a walk together, spend a little time in the garden, or play some silly kid’s game, like hide and seek. Making space in the day to enjoy being active will have that young body (and yours!) craving the nutrition it needs, which presents the perfect opportunity for you to eat healthy together!